Cell Phone Card Holder

$ 6.00

Credit Card Wallet Pouch for your Phone with RFID Blocker

Keep your wallet contents right with your smartphone. Stores business cards, credit cards, cash, driver’s license, & even keys so they go wherever your phone goes.

  • The pouch is made of quality spandex fabric that has an adhesive back that attaches directly to the back of your phone or case.
  • The patented 3M adhesive keeps it securely attached to your phone and leaves no sticky residue.
  • The fabric stretches as you insert cards, to hold them securely, up to five or more cards.
  • It has an elastic strip that creates two virtual pockets to keep your cards organized.
  • It has a finger notch in the top, which makes it very easy to remove cards from the pocket.
  • Non-slip grip keeps your phone from slipping or sliding on surfaces.
  • Secret hidden compartment, under the fold, safely stores emergency cash.
  • Security of radio-frequency identification blocking (RFID blocker) to protect your credit card information, and keep it safe from hackers and identity thieves.  
  • Easy to mail.
  • Universal, fits most smartphones.